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Each season we rely on volunteers to help run our programs for our children. There are many jobs to be done in order for the program to run smoothly. We request that each of you please donate some of your time to help us make the season be the best it can be. The hours you contribute will be recorded throughout your child’s participation in the program. If you have accumulated 50 or more qualifying hours and you complete the necessary school paperwork, we will show our appreciation by awarding your child with a scholarship upon graduation. 


What counts towards volunteer hours?

  • Concession stand work (any game)
  • Gate work (Varsity games)
  • Chain gang (Freshman/JV only)
  • Videography or Photography requested by the coaches
  • Senior night organization and facilitation
  • End of Season Banquet organization and facilitation
  • Annual Golf tournament support
  • Attendance at Monthly Booster meetings
  • Booster Board roles
  • Parent supervision or organization of Fundraising activities (i.e. Sponsor calls, apparel sales, 50/50 raffle sales, lottery tree, etc.)
  • Parent transportation time to Cheer gym
  • Program Production

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What doesn’t count towards volunteer hours?

  • Pasta Party hosting (these are optional)
  • Voluntary photography or videography that is not required by the program
  • Attendance at games/Tailgating/providing food

Our volunteer coordinator will collect validated volunteer hours throughout the year.  You will have numerous opportunities and reminders to review your recorded hours and in January we will review and close volunteer hour recording for the previous year. It is important that you review your hours on a regular basis to make sure they are accurate, we will not retroactively adjust hours after they have been closed for the prior years.


If you have any questions about volunteering or if something would count towards the 50 hours, please feel free to email Louise Urda at teamurda@myfairpoint.net and she will validate and/or bring to the board for decision.

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